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Slimming It - Multiple Ways - Online Workshop Series

Welcome to the fun of creating "Slim"Line cards!  
Slim cards have become the renewed passion of card makers and several companies have joined in the fun by designing and manufacturing various stamps and dies specifically for the approximately 9" x 4" cards!

This special workshop will be an on-going series.  It will consist of classes to create specific cards one week.  Another week will be a
"Show and Tell" week where participants share what they have created using the Picket Fence die set.  

As the workshop progresses over several weeks - products will be offered as options to add to your slim card stash.  These will be rubber stamps from various companies that specifically created images to be used for slim line cards.  

Participants do not have to attend every workshop.  Participants do not have to purchase every newly added option.  

The sessions will be scheduled in a flexible fashion.  There will be weekday and weeknight options.  The workshops will be spaced out approximately three weeks apart.

Your $40.00 Workshop Fee will include the Picket Fence Die Set (pictured), several blank Slim cards, envelopes and the various patterned papers, ribbons and embellishments to create the cards in the first Workshops.

Questions? Send me an email by clicking HERE!