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ONE DAY - Gathering of Creative Crafting Goddesses

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The Gathering of Creative Crafting Goddesses is a semi-annual special themed event held at the Crafting Cottage.  The workshops focus on a particular paper crafting theme.  The first event this year took place in March and focused on card-making.  This Gathering will focus on "painting with paper" and working with canvas projects.

This $175.00 plus tax option is for those crafters who wish to participate in just the Saturday workshops and not stay at the inn for the weekend.

The first workshop begins at 10 AM on Saturday.

The last workshop will finish at 6 PM on Saturday.   

Included in package:

* Saturday  lunch

* All supplies and materials for all workshops

* Prizes and surprises

The creative focus for this weekend will be working with canvas, paints, embossing pastes, stencils, embellishments, paper, ribbon and more to create personalized signs and unique artwork worthy of showcasing in an Art Gallery.