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  • Crafting Custom-Designed Wine Tags & Candles

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    When:  Saturday, December 7th
    Time:    5:30 PM
    Cost:     $30 per person

    Crafters will discover the easy and awesome way to create customized candles for friends, family and/or co-workers.  
    You will work with rubber stamps, inks, markers - and to truly create a personal saying, quote or include a date or name - a printer will be on hand to assist with that 
    Additionally, a 'wrapping station' will be set up so that the candles can be beautifully wrapped up, tied with a gorgeous ribbon and ready to give as gifts.
    Included in this workshop will be three candles of varying height - one of the candles will be your 'practice' candle plus supplies to create two very unique hand-crafted (by you) candles! The wrapping station is also included in your fee so you can walk out the door with two gifts already wrapped and ready to go!
    ADDITIONALLY - The BONUS to this workshop is you will also create a few wonderful hand-crafted special bottle tags for either a gift of wine, champagne or sparkling cider.  How nice your gift will be when the recipient sees that the tag is not some mass produced one!