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August 2021 Weekends Available at the Inn

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***NEW for 2021***

Due to Covid-19, The Crafting Cottage has implemented several new steps in order to not only comply with the various New York State requirements, but basic common sense steps to insure all guests (as well as the Inn Keeper & her family's) health and safety are cared for.

To reserve the Crafting Cottage Inn for a typical weekend (Friday - Sunday), the fee is a flat $800.00 plus sales & room taxes. The fee will be divided equally amongst how many guests are staying at the Inn.  The deposit is $100.00 per guest.  
The maximum number of guests the Inn is accepting at this time for 2021 is four.
Four guests
 staying at the Inn for a typical weekend will each pay $200.00 + $16.00 (sales tax) + $8.00 (room tax)
for a total of $224.00 (minus the $100.00 deposit will mean $124.00 balance due a week prior to arrival).
If there will be only three guests - each person will be paying $266.00 plus 8% sales tax and 4% room tax.
If there will be only two guests - the fee will be $400.00 per person plus the taxes.
Each guest will have her own guest room and two of the rooms have their own dedicated bathroom. The third full bathroom will be available to the third and/or fourth guests to share.  
Please note the new "contactless" check-in and out procedure:
1.  All guests will be sent an invoice one week prior to their arrival date which will include the balance of their Inn accommodation fee plus all the taxes. Once all the invoices have been paid, guests will receive the Code to the lockbox which will have the key to gain entry to the Inn. 
2.  Guests who purchase anything from the onsite shop during their visit will be sent a final invoice bill for their purchases about a week after their visit.   Purchasing goodies from the shop is obviously done on the Honor System and the Inn Keeper trusts her crafting sisters to keep track of their purchases on the newly revised (and very easy) to fill out sales slips.