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This page is being worked on and will be announced in the Monday Musings Newsletter when it is officially up and running.  Thank you.  (September 21, 2021).

How to BID:

Send an email to: with your name and the item number you are bidding on AND your top dollar amount you are bidding for that item.  You can bid on more than one item in a

single email.  Just make sure you include the item number and a brief description with your TOP bid.

Updates on where the bids are on the various items will be posted on The Crafting Cottage's Facebook Page.

Once all the bids have been checked after the deadline - the winner will be notified first with an email with the total amount due which will include shipping and handling and sales taxes.  The winner will have the option for "Curbside Pick-Up", too - which is no charge. 
The second notification to the winner will be via a PayPal Invoice from the Crafting Cottage.   Winners must pay for their successful auction wins plus the sales tax and any shipping/handling fees within three days after being sent the PayPal Invoice.  

***Please note - Non-payment within three days of receiving the PayPal Invoice
 will permanently remove you from any future auctions.***

The following items and bundles will be available to bid on until______________________________at midnight, EST