Inspiring Paper Crafters Since 2003

Welcome to The Crafting Cottage Inn 
 The Inn is a place for paper crafting lovers to retreat to for several days with friends.
Scrapbookers, card-makers, mixed media enthusiasts, three-dimensional paper artists, DIY home décor fashionistas and even quilters, jewelry designers and/or crafters looking to hand-make party decorations, invitations and more will find the Crafting Cottage the perfect place to play and stay. 

Important Information to Reserve Your Stay:

* Minimum number of guests needed to reserve a full weekend at the Inn is 3.
The rate for a group of 3 is $250.00 + taxes per person for a weekend.
* Maximum number of guests is 6.
The rate for a group of 4,5 or 6 is $200.00 + taxes per person for a weekend.

* A full regular weekend is check in after 1 PM on a Friday and check out by 5 PM on Sunday.
Regardless of whether a guest can only join her group for part of the weekend, full payment must be made.

* A Special Inn-Keeper's Bonus Rate is available to an entire group to either
arrive a day early (Thursday) or stay a day longer (check out on Monday).
That rate for 2023 is $50 per person, per night.
Please note:  the rate only applies when the entire group participates - not just one or two people from the group.

**Please avoid disappointment and make sure your entire group pays their deposits at the same time for the specific weekend you wish to reserve.  First group to fully pay their deposits gets the weekend.**

What it costs to stay at the Crafting Cottage Inn in 2023:

Group of 3 Crafters $250.00 + $24.00 (room & sales tax) = $274.00 per person

Group of 3 Crafters arriving a day early or staying an extra night:  $50.00 + $250.00 +$36.00 (room & sales tax)

Total cost for 4 days/3 nights for a group of 3 = $336.00 per person
(Thursday check in/Sunday check out
Friday check in/Monday check out)
Group of 3 crafters arriving on Thursday and checking out on Monday:
Total cost for 5 days/4 nights = $50.00 + $50.00 + $250.00 + $42 (sales & room tax)
$392.00 per person
Groups of either 4, 5 or 6 guests:
Friday check in/Sunday check out:  $200.00 + $24.00 (sales & room tax) = $224.00 per person
Friday check in/Monday check out or Thursday check in/Sunday check out:
  $200.00 + $50.00 + $30 (room & sales tax) = $280.00 per person
Thursday check in/Monday check out: 
$200.00 + $50.00 + $50.00 + $36.00 (room & sales tax) = $336.00 per person
Reservations must be made via the website. 
Simply look through the options of what is available by month.

What is included for your stay at the Crafting Cottage Inn: 

 * Dedicated table space (6')
* Cushy office chair with lumbar support
* Ample lighting
A dedicated "Tool Room" stocked to the hilt with everything you need to create with paper:
* Access to hundreds of commercial dies from AccuCut which can cut out
 boxes, bags, interactive cards, borders, 12 x 12 shaped pages and more!
* Access to die-cutting machines for thin metal dies + hundreds of various thin metal dies
* Embossing folders & dedicated embossing machines
* Ink pads
* Markers, chalks, coloring pencils
* Wet embossing station with heat tool & embossing powders
* In the main workshop room there is an air-sanitizer
* Air-conditioning in all guest rooms and the main workshop room
* Guest rooms include twin size bed, all linens, towels, etc.
* Shower gel, shampoo and conditioner provided
* Full access to the kitchen - microwave, refrigerator, oven, stove, dishwasher
* Dining area
* Lounge area
* Keurig machine with a small collection of various pods
* Ice machine
* Water cooler
Enjoy bringing your favorite wine, cocktail mixes, etc.. 
 There is a blender in the kitchen and wine bottle openers as well as wine glasses.

 The Tool Room:

The Main Workshop (below) houses several 6' tables for  crafters to use plus cushy office chairs with lumbar support, plenty of lighting and access to the Tool Room which is right next to it.
The tables and chairs can be arranged to accommodate up to six crafters very comfortably.


There are a total of four guest rooms.  Three of the rooms are on the 2nd floor.  
The first floor guest room will accommodate up to three guests.

The Country Cottage Room is on the second floor, bathed in shades of pink and cream with beautiful flowers to give one the feeling of staying in a garden.  This is a single room and shares the hallway bathroom with the guest staying in the Seaside Cottage room. 

"Country Cottage Room"

The Seaside Cottage Room, on the second floor, calms with its beautiful blues and nod towards the sea. This room can accommodate up to two guests - but is currently a single room and shares the hallway bathroom with the guest staying in the Country Cottage room.



The Harmony Suite has its own private full bath. This room accommodates two guests.

The first floor guest room can accommodate up to three guests.  This room is reserved for those guests that cannot do stairs due to mobility or health issues.  It is just a few steps from the dedicated full bathroom.


The dining area.

To see what dates are available and to reserve your weekend - please click on this sentence!